Cure My Enemy Album en route

New Music Coming Soon!

We have partnered up with Moses Mo (Mother's Finest, Moses Mo Two Ton Message) in order to produce SoundWave's first album! We're also proud to tell you that we'll have some guest appearences on the songs from some of Atlanta's finest artists.



Awesome News!

Lucy Piller has added us to her family at AllRightNow.com and is now currently taking Cure My Enemy on as Manager/Publicist/Booking Agent. Thank you Lucy! It's great to be working with you.


The official SoundWave Band Website

A band emerging in the Atlanta, GA & Southern, VA music scene with the style of a new generation speaking with soul

 Who we are defines our music. Our beliefs and creativity come together to give you exalting deep grooves and a subtle hint of raw spirituality derived from our roots in the contemplative altitudes of the Blue Ridge mountains, and the current of the sidewalks of Atlanta. Thick head-bobbing drums command the movement. Original unique uses of guitar and bass underlie the emotion expressed in the songs and in people's lives. The vocals wrap the music up in an outpouring soulful conclusion bringing realization of who we are as people existing in the world.

 Groove. Passion. Deity. Love.

 We hit where the soul is with City Groove and Rural Grit.