Formed in April of 2014, Cure My Enemy is a force made of a unique blend of musicians from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and the city of Atlanta, Georgia.


The Band

Cure My Enemy is a band Based out of Atlanta, GA formed in april of 2014. They're a force made of a unique blend of musicians from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and the city of Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated with the moxie of a trophy hunter who's one shot determines weather or not he gets eaten. The band has city groove with rural grit. If they had to categorize their sound, they could be found on the same rack as John Mayer, Foster the People, Michael Franti & Spearhead,  Pearl Jam & Alice in Chains. Two new generation musicians mixed with a well seasoned funk & hip hop rhythm section creates the intellectual musical appreciation that we all love along with the influences of the world's latest musical progressions.


The Story

It started when Colt Coates, the vocalist, and his brother, Mason Coates (the second guitarist, now a full time member of Sound Wave), parted ways when the singer was accepted to Berklee, College of Music in Boston, MA and the other took a position with another band in Atlanta, GA leaving the home state of the Virginian Blue Ridge Mountains. Unattracted to the amount of debt Berklee would put him in, Colt was determined to redirect his vision of a professional music career in a last minute decision of packing what he had and driving to Atlanta with the interest of salvaging the musical potency and connection he had formed with his brother through previous years of playing together.

Unsure of where to live and what to do, the Colt wondered into an open mic jam at a local bar where he met soul/funk bassist Dwayne Jones, who has played and toured with some of Atlanta's finest bands. Shortly after, he met Dwayne's acquaintance, drummer Tony Mcghee who has shared the stage with, and been on the same payroll of such greats as The Wailers, Wilson Picket, and many others. The band was finally topped with the energy of guitarist, Mason Coates. With a groove that has tightened over a period of time for the record books and a captivating original sound, the band was formed and has the moxie of a trophy hunter who's one shot determines weather or not he gets eaten.




Modern Groove

Our influences are John Mayer, Michael Franti, Reggae music, EDM, Blues, Metal 





Colt Coates - Lead Vocals, Guitar

from the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA, Colt Coates grew up as a drummer for his father's blues band, The C. C. Coates Band.  He was Accepted to Berklee, College of Music and was the former bassist of the band Poverty Level who were signed to Highway 9 Records. This is a new venture for him not only in the music business, but in a new genre as well considering himself an artist and musician of new generation Metal.



 Tony McGhee - Drums

Mr. Tony McGhee hales from our nations capital and has played and traveled with such groups as E.U. that delivered the world class hit song “DA Butt.” We all remember grooving to that tune! He has worked with Peaches & Herb, Trouble Funk, Wilson Pickett’s “Midnight Movers”, The Wailers. And the list goes on. 




Dwayne Jones - Bass

Dwayne Jones is your finest funk/groove bassist. Having history with tons of Atlanta's best musicians and artists, local and national, he holds the groove like no other bringing the strongest down beat around. Simple and Heavy Hitting, much like his former boxing career! Let's just be glad he's the most positive and happiest dude in the band!



Mason Coates - Lead Guitar

With an original signature sound at such a young age carrying the influence of guitar prodigies like Jeff Beck and many blues greats, It's no wonder why he holds the eye of every audience he comes in contact with. While most people recognize an artist by their vocals, you can recognize the band immediately from his extremely unique style, screaming leads, dramatic echo swells, and wild "off-the-neck" vibratos.  Mason has played with many of the finest players wherever he resides and has also been signed to Highway 9 Records as the former guitarist of the band Poverty Level.